Social Media observers question the legal framework for online election campaigns

  • Marketing agencies which provided support to candidates had obtained personal data from a particular database and circulated messages during the silent period
  • Similar incidents of gathering personal information took place during the last Presidential election
  • People have to understand that privacy policies on social media platforms do not cover third-party applications

Your vote is your business. Or is it? It is your right to keep your personal information to yourself and cast your vote independently. However, when elections grow closer, your personal information becomes a precious commodity for many…

The global spread of COVID-19 has generated numerous privacy, data protection, and security issues

governments have to specify the reason of the collection of personal data, adding that data collected could not be used for any other purposes, beyond the actual purpose

Since the discovery of several employees infected with the coronavirus at Brandix Apparel Limited, a list of personal data circulated through social media sites which can trace patients by their names, national identity card numbers, telephone numbers, and addresses. …

Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka, ITSSL, Rajeev Yasiru Mathew
Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka, ITSSL, Rajeev Yasiru Mathew

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has been compelled to remain mum on claims made by President Maithripala Sirisena with regard to a Chinese company linked to the Colombo Lotus Tower project.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan Ambassador to China Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku was forced to do some damage control as the President’s unverified claims threatened to hurt Sri Lanka’s strong relations with China.

However, when The Sunday Morning queried about the allegations made by the President, TRCSL Chairman General S.H.S. Kottegoda (Retd.) refused to comment on the issue, saying it was now a controversial topic. Kottegoda said that his…

Rajeev Yasiru Kuruwitage Mathew, Rajeev Yasiru Mathew
Rajeev Yasiru Kuruwitage Mathew, Rajeev Yasiru Mathew

We are always lost in debate when it comes to the question of technology either helping or hindering the fight against terror. Encryption which hide user identities are increasingly used by terrorist outfits to communicate in secrecy online, enabling them to go off-the-grid when planning and coordinating attacks.

In the past, authorities could easily gain access to plain text information in SMS and phone calls from telecommunication providers.

Nowadays, messages and sometimes even calls are encrypted when using services like WhatsApp or Signal. Service providers don’t have access to encrypted message and don’t generally want any access.


Chairman of Information…

Rajeev Yasiru Mathew
Rajeev Yasiru Mathew

The outbreak of COVID-19 has introduced most Sri Lankans to the concept of ‘working from home’ as a precautionary measure against the spread of the virus by limiting people’s travelling habits. Even though many were unfamiliar with the idea of working from home, and some even found it difficult to work from home due to the nature of their profession, this move bore fruit and helped keep many institutions/businesses afloat during this difficult time. …

Do We Have Right To Privacy In Sri Lanka
Do We Have Right To Privacy In Sri Lanka

Recorded phone conversations — Sri Lanka’s most-discussed topic in the past few weeks! Even though the authenticity and source of these recordings remain uncorroborated, a number of these recordings are being circulated through social media platforms like wildfire without being subjected to any form of control whatsoever, and everyone is waiting eagerly for the next recording to surface.

Although it is too early to discuss how MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s alleged conversations with his contacts can be of any benefit to Sri Lanka, this incident has triggered a discussion on people’s personal information and privacy, including digital privacy.

Unfortunately, people and…

Rajeev Yasiru Mathew

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